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forms.GUI Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Parses GRASS commands when module is imported and used from Layer Manager. More...
def GetCmd
 Get validated command. More...
def ParseCommand
 Parse command. More...
def GetCommandInputMapParamKey
 Get parameter key for input raster/vector map. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def forms.GUI.__init__ (   self,
  parent = None,
  show = True,
  modal = False,
  centreOnParent = False,
  checkError = False 

Parses GRASS commands when module is imported and used from Layer Manager.

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Member Function Documentation

def forms.GUI.GetCmd (   self)

Get validated command.

Definition at line 1841 of file

References render.Layer.cmd, gcmd.Command.cmd, gcmd.CommandThread.cmd, dialogs.DecorationDialog.cmd, and forms.GUI.cmd.

Referenced by wxnviz.ImageTexture.Corresponds().

def forms.GUI.GetCommandInputMapParamKey (   self,

Get parameter key for input raster/vector map.

cmdmodule name
parameter key
None on failure

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References python.core.decode(), and forms.GUI.grass_task.

def forms.GUI.ParseCommand (   self,
  gmpath = None,
  completed = None 

Parse command.

Note: cmd is given as list

If command is given with options, return validated cmd list:

  • add key name for first parameter if not given
  • change mapname to mapname

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References gcmd.GetRealCmd(), forms.GUI.grass_task, and

Field Documentation


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Referenced by forms.GUI.GetCommandInputMapParamKey(), and forms.GUI.ParseCommand().

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Referenced by forms.GUI.ParseCommand().

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