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frame.ModelCanvas Class Reference

Canvas where model is drawn. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def OnChar
 Key pressed. More...
def RemoveSelected
 Remove selected shapes. More...
def RemoveShapes
 Removes shapes. More...
def GetNewShapePos
 Determine optimal position for newly added object. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Canvas where model is drawn.

Definition at line 978 of file gmodeler/

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def frame.ModelCanvas.__init__ (   self,

Definition at line 980 of file gmodeler/

Member Function Documentation

def frame.ModelCanvas.GetNewShapePos (   self)

Determine optimal position for newly added object.


Definition at line 1026 of file gmodeler/

def frame.ModelCanvas.OnChar (   self,

Key pressed.

Definition at line 993 of file gmodeler/

References frame.ModelCanvas.RemoveSelected().

Referenced by prompt.GPromptSTC.__init__().

def frame.ModelCanvas.RemoveSelected (   self)

Remove selected shapes.

Definition at line 1000 of file gmodeler/

References frame.ModelCanvas.RemoveShapes().

Referenced by frame.ModelCanvas.OnChar().

def frame.ModelCanvas.RemoveShapes (   self,

Removes shapes.

Definition at line 1008 of file gmodeler/

Referenced by frame.ModelCanvas.RemoveSelected().

Field Documentation


Definition at line 985 of file gmodeler/

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