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gcmd.CommandThread Class Reference

Create separate thread for command. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __del__
def run
 Run command. More...
def abort
 Abort running process, used by main thread to signal an abort. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Create separate thread for command.

Used for commands launched on the background.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def gcmd.CommandThread.__init__ (   self,
  env = None,
  stdin = None,
  stdout = sys.stdout,
  stderr = sys.stderr 
@param cmd command (given as list)
@param env environmental variables
@param stdin standard input stream 
@param stdout redirect standard output or None
@param stderr redirect standard error output or None

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def gcmd.CommandThread.__del__ (   self)

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References gcmd.CommandThread.message_format.

Member Function Documentation

def gcmd.CommandThread.abort (   self)

Abort running process, used by main thread to signal an abort.

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References gcmd.CommandThread._want_abort, and gcmd.RunCommand().

def (   self)

Run command.

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References gcmd.Command.cmd, and gcmd.CommandThread.cmd.

Field Documentation


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Referenced by render.Map.GetWindow().


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Referenced by gcmd.CommandThread.__del__().


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Referenced by gcmd.Popen.send().


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