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statusbar.SbItem Class Reference

Base class for statusbar items. More...

Inheritance diagram for statusbar.SbItem:

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def Show
 Invokes showing of underlying widget. More...
def Hide
def SetValue
def GetValue
def GetPosition
def GetWidget
 Returns underlaying winget. More...
def Update
 Called when statusbar action is activated (e.g. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Base class for statusbar items.

Each item represents functionality (or action) controlled by statusbar and related to MapFrame. One item is usually connected with one widget but it is not necessary. Item can represent property (depends on manager). Items are not widgets but can provide interface to them. Items usually has requirements to MapFrame instance (specified as MapFrame.methodname or MapWindow.methodname).

consider externalizing position (see SbProgress use in SbManager)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def statusbar.SbItem.__init__ (   self,
  position = 0 
mapframeinstance of class with MapFrame interface
statusbarstatusbar instance (wx.Statusbar)
positionitem position in statusbar
rewrite Update also in derived classes to take in account item position

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Member Function Documentation

def statusbar.SbItem.GetPosition (   self)

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References statusbar.SbItem.position.

def statusbar.SbItem.GetValue (   self)
def statusbar.SbItem.Show (   self)

Invokes showing of underlying widget.

In derived classes it can do what is appropriate for it, e.g. showing text on statusbar (only).

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Referenced by statusbar.SbItem.GetWidget(), statusbar.SbRender.Update(), statusbar.SbMapScale.Update(), statusbar.SbGoTo.Update(), statusbar.SbProjection.Update(), statusbar.SbMask.Update(), and statusbar.SbGoToGCP.Update().

def statusbar.SbItem.Update (   self)

Called when statusbar action is activated (e.g.

through wx.Choice).

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References statusbar.SbItem._update().

Referenced by wizard.DatumPage.OnDText(), colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnLayerSelection(), manager.GroupPage.OnMkGroup(), and mapwindow.BufferedWindow.TextBounds().

Field Documentation


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