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gsd_wire.c File Reference

OGSF library -. More...

#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/gstypes.h>
#include "gsget.h"
#include "rowcol.h"
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#define DO_ARROWS


int gsd_wire_surf (geosurf *surf)
 Draw surface wire. More...
int gsd_wire_surf_map (geosurf *surf)
 ADD. More...
int gsd_wire_surf_const (geosurf *surf, float k)
 ADD. More...
int gsd_wire_surf_func (geosurf *gs, int(*user_func)())
 ADD. More...
int gsd_wire_arrows (geosurf *surf)
 ADD. More...
int gsd_coarse_surf_map (geosurf *surf)
 Draw coarse surface. More...

Detailed Description

OGSF library -.

GRASS OpenGL gsurf OGSF Library

(C) 1999-2008 by the GRASS Development Team

This program is free software under the GNU General Public License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS for details.

Bill Brown USACERL (January 1993)
Doxygenized by Martin Landa <landa.martin> (May 2008)

Definition in file gsd_wire.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DO_ARROWS

Definition at line 26 of file gsd_wire.c.

Function Documentation

int gsd_coarse_surf_map ( geosurf *  surf)

Draw coarse surface.

New (TEST) wire routine that draws low res surface Based on new Trinagle Fan routine Resolution is a function of current surface resolution times wire resolution

normals have to be recalculated before proper low res surface can be drawn

In window optimization has been removed

surfsurface (geosurf)

Definition at line 571 of file gsd_wire.c.

References buff, FNORM, GET_MAPATT, gs_calc_normals(), gs_get_att_typbuff(), GS_get_scale(), GS_global_exag(), gs_mapcolor(), gs_update_curmask(), gsd_bgntfan(), gsd_blend(), gsd_colormode(), gsd_do_scale(), gsd_endtfan(), gsd_litvert_func(), gsd_popmatrix(), gsd_pushmatrix(), gsd_set_material(), gsd_surf_const(), gsd_translate(), gsd_zwritemask(), int, n, SCALE_ATT, VCOLS, VROWS, X, Y, and ymax.

Referenced by gsd_wire_surf().

int gsd_wire_arrows ( geosurf *  surf)


Need to do Zexag scale of normal for arrow direction, drawing routine unexags z for arrow

surfsurface (geosurf)

Definition at line 457 of file gsd_wire.c.

References BM_get(), buff, FNORM, G_debug(), GET_MAPATT, gs_get_att_typbuff(), GS_get_scale(), GS_global_exag(), gs_mapcolor(), gs_update_curmask(), gsd_arrow(), gsd_colormode(), gsd_do_scale(), gsd_popmatrix(), gsd_pushmatrix(), gsd_translate(), int, n, X, Y, and ymax.

int gsd_wire_surf ( geosurf *  surf)

Draw surface wire.

surfsurface (geosurf)

Definition at line 47 of file gsd_wire.c.

References G_debug(), gs_get_att_src(), gsd_coarse_surf_map(), gsd_wire_surf_const(), gsd_wire_surf_func(), and gsd_wire_surf_map().

Referenced by GS_alldraw_wire(), GS_draw_surf(), and GS_draw_wire().

int gsd_wire_surf_const ( geosurf *  surf,
float  k 
int gsd_wire_surf_func ( geosurf *  gs,
int(*)()  user_func 


Not yet implemented.

gssurface (geosurf)
user_funcuser defined function

Definition at line 442 of file gsd_wire.c.

Referenced by gsd_wire_surf().

int gsd_wire_surf_map ( geosurf *  surf)