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init/local_proto.h File Reference
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int can_make_location (char *, char *)
int find_process (int)
int list_locations (const char *)
int list_mapsets (const char *, const char *)
int first_word (char *)
int hit_return (void)
int make_location (const char *, const char *)
int make_mapset (const char *, const char *)
int mapset_permissions (const char *)
int mapset_message (const char *)
int mapset_question (const char *)
int printfile (const char *)

Function Documentation

int can_make_location ( char *  ,
char *   

Definition at line 9 of file chk_dbase.c.

References stat.

Referenced by main().

int find_process ( int  )

Definition at line 172 of file clean_temp.c.

References errno.

Referenced by clean_dir(), and main().

int first_word ( char *  )

Definition at line 329 of file set_data.c.

Referenced by main().

int hit_return ( void  )

Definition at line 340 of file set_data.c.

References buf, G_gets(), and hit_return().

Referenced by hit_return(), main(), and mapset_message().

int list_locations ( const char *  )

Definition at line 278 of file set_data.c.

References G_ls().

Referenced by main().

int list_mapsets ( const char *  ,
const char *   

Definition at line 287 of file set_data.c.

References G__ls(), mapset_permissions(), and python.core::mapsets().

Referenced by main().

int make_location ( const char *  ,
const char *   
int make_mapset ( const char *  ,
const char *   

Definition at line 13 of file mke_mapset.c.

References fclose(), fd, G_asprintf(), G_fatal_error(), G_free(), G_get_default_window(), G_mkdir(), G_put_window(), NULL, and sprintf().

Referenced by main().

int mapset_message ( const char *  )

Definition at line 29 of file other.c.

References hit_return(), and printfile().

Referenced by main().

int mapset_permissions ( const char *  )

Definition at line 17 of file other.c.

References G__mapset_permissions(), and stat.

Referenced by list_mapsets(), and main().

int mapset_question ( const char *  )

Definition at line 37 of file other.c.

References G_yes(), and printfile().

Referenced by main().

int printfile ( const char *  )

Definition at line 44 of file other.c.

References buf, fd, and n.

Referenced by mapset_message(), and mapset_question().