GRASS Programmer's Manual  6.5.svn(2014)-r66266
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goutput Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  CmdThread
 Thread for GRASS commands. More...
class  GMConsole
 Create and manage output console for commands run by GUI. More...
class  GMStdout
 GMConsole standard output. More...
class  GMStderr
 GMConsole standard error output. More...
class  GMStc
 Styled GMConsole. More...
class  PyStc
 Styled Python output (see gmodeler::frame::PythonPanel for usage) More...


def GrassCmd
 Return GRASS command thread. More...

Function Documentation

def goutput.GrassCmd (   cmd,
  env = None,
  stdout = None,
  stderr = None 

Return GRASS command thread.

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