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workspace Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  ProcessWorkspaceFile
class  WriteWorkspaceFile
 Generic class for writing workspace file. More...
class  ProcessGrcFile
class  NvizSettings


def GetDrawMode
def SetDecorDefaultProp
 Set default arrow properties. More...


 wxnviz = None
list subkey = ['points', 'height']
 'surface' : '', } More...

Function Documentation

def workspace.GetDrawMode (   self,
  mode = None,
  style = None,
  shade = None,
  string = False 
Get surface draw mode (value) from description/selection

@param mode,style,shade modes
@param string if True input parameters are strings otherwise

Definition at line 242 of file nviz/

def workspace.SetDecorDefaultProp (   self,

Set default arrow properties.

Definition at line 308 of file nviz/

References dialogs.update().

Variable Documentation

list workspace.subkey = ['points', 'height']

'surface' : '', }

Definition at line 236 of file nviz/

workspace.wxnviz = None

Definition at line 24 of file nviz/