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proj3.c File Reference
#include <string.h>
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/glocale.h>
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char * G_database_unit_name (int plural)
 database units More...
char * G_database_projection_name (void)
 query cartographic projection More...
double G_database_units_to_meters_factor (void)
 conversion to meters More...
char * G_database_datum_name (void)
 get datum name for database More...
char * G_database_ellipse_name (void)

Function Documentation

char* G_database_datum_name ( void  )

get datum name for database

Returns a pointer to the name of the map datum of the current database. If there is no map datum explicitely associated with the acutal database, the standard map datum WGS84 is returned, on error a NULL pointer is returned.

char *

Definition at line 133 of file proj3.c.

References G_free_key_value(), G_get_datumparams_from_projinfo(), G_get_projinfo(), render::name, and NULL.

char* G_database_ellipse_name ( void  )

Definition at line 162 of file proj3.c.

References G_get_ellipsoid_parameters(), render::name, and sprintf().

char* G_database_projection_name ( void  )

query cartographic projection

Returns a pointer to a string which is a printable name for projection code proj (as returned by G_projection). Returns NULL if proj is not a valid projection.

char *

Definition at line 51 of file proj3.c.

References G__projection_name(), G_projection(), n, and render::name.

char* G_database_unit_name ( int  plural)

database units

Returns a string describing the database grid units. It returns a plural form (eg. feet) if plural is true. Otherwise it returns a singular form (eg. foot).

char *

Definition at line 21 of file proj3.c.

References G__projection_units(), G__unit_name(), G_projection(), n, and render::name.

Referenced by G_database_units_to_meters_factor(), and gsd_scalebar().

double G_database_units_to_meters_factor ( void  )

conversion to meters

Returns a factor which converts the grid unit to meters (by multiplication). If the database is not metric (eg. imagery) then 0.0 is returned.


Definition at line 80 of file proj3.c.

References buf, G_database_unit_name(), n, NULL, and dialogs::unit.

Referenced by G_begin_cell_area_calculations(), G_begin_distance_calculations(), G_begin_polygon_area_calculations(), N_init_geom_data_2d(), and N_init_geom_data_3d().