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psmap/ File Reference

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Data Structures

class  dialogs.TCValidator
 validates input in textctrls, combobox, taken from wxpython demo More...
class  dialogs.PenStyleComboBox
 if self.flag == 'SCALE' and chr(key) in string.digits + ':': event.Skip() return More...
class  dialogs.CheckListCtrl
 List control for managing order and labels of vector maps in legend. More...
class  dialogs.PsmapDialog
class  dialogs.PageSetupDialog
class  dialogs.MapDialog
 Dialog for map frame settings and optionally raster and vector map selection. More...
class  dialogs.MapFramePanel
 wx.Panel with map (scale, region, border) settings More...
class  dialogs.RasterPanel
 Panel for raster map settings. More...
class  dialogs.VectorPanel
 Panel for vector maps settings. More...
class  dialogs.RasterDialog
class  dialogs.MainVectorDialog
 if 'map' in self.parent.openDialogs: if self.parent.openDialogs['map'].mPanel.rasterTypeRadio.GetValue()\ and self.parent.openDialogs['map'] if self.parent.openDialogs['map'].mPanel.drawMap.IsChecked(): self.rPanel.rasterSelect.SetValue(self.parent.openDialogs['map'] More...
class  dialogs.VPropertiesDialog
class  dialogs.LegendDialog
class  dialogs.MapinfoDialog
class  dialogs.ScalebarDialog
 Dialog for scale bar. More...
class  dialogs.TextDialog
class  dialogs.ImageDialog
 Dialog for setting image properties. More...
class  dialogs.NorthArrowDialog
class  dialogs.PointDialog
 Dialog for setting point properties. More...
class  dialogs.RectangleDialog


 dialogs for wxPsMap


def dialogs.OnApply
 parent.font['colorLabel'] = wx.StaticText(parent, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = _("Color:")) colorChoices = [ 'aqua', 'black', 'blue', 'brown', 'cyan', 'gray', 'green', 'indigo', 'magenta',\ 'orange', 'purple', 'red', 'violet', 'white', 'yellow'] parent.colorCtrl = wx.Choice(parent, id = wx.ID_ANY, choices = colorChoices) parent.colorCtrl.SetStringSelection(parent.rLegendDict['color']) parent.font['colorCtrl'] = wx.ColourPickerCtrl(parent, id = wx.ID_ANY) parent.font['colorCtrl'].SetColour(dialogDict['color']) More...
def dialogs.OnOK
 Apply changes, close dialog. More...
def dialogs.OnCancel
 Close dialog. More...
def dialogs.OnClose
 Destroy dialog and delete it from open dialogs. More...
def dialogs.OnLayer
 Change columns on layer change. More...
def dialogs.OnOutline
def dialogs.OnFill
def dialogs.OnColor
def dialogs.OnSize
def dialogs.OnRotation
def dialogs.OnRotationType
def dialogs.OnPattern
def dialogs.OnSymbology
def dialogs.OnSymbolSelection
def dialogs.EnableLayerSelection
def dialogs.getColsChoice
 Returns a wx.Choice with table columns. More...
def dialogs.update
def dialogs.sizePositionFont
 Insert widgets for size, position and font control. More...
def dialogs.OnIsLegend
 Enables and disables controls, it depends if raster or vector legend is checked. More...
def dialogs.OnRaster
def dialogs.OnDiscrete
 Change control according to the type of legend. More...
def dialogs.OnRange
def dialogs.OnUp
 Moves selected map up, changes order in vector legend. More...
def dialogs.OnDown
 Moves selected map down, changes order in vector legend. More...
def dialogs.OnEditLabel
 Change legend label of vector map. More...
def dialogs.OnSpan
def dialogs.OnFont
 Changes default width according to fontsize, width [inch] = fontsize[pt]/24. More...
def dialogs.OnBorder
 Enables/disables colorPickerCtrl for border. More...
def dialogs.updateRasterLegend
 Save information from raster legend dialog to dictionary. More...
def dialogs.updateVectorLegend
 Save information from vector legend dialog to dictionary. More...
def dialogs.updateDialog
 Update legend coordinates after moving. More...


 dialogs.fs = None
list dialogs.PSMAP_COLORS
list dialogs.fontChoices
 parent.font['fontLabel'] = wx.StaticText(parent, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = _("Choose font:")) parent.font['fontCtrl'] = wx.FontPickerCtrl(parent, id = wx.ID_ANY) More...
tuple dialogs.linecapText = wx.StaticText(panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = _("Choose linecap:"))
 self.styleCombo = wx.ComboBox(panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, choices = ["solid", "dashed", "dotted", "dashdotted"], validator = TCValidator(flag = 'ZERO_AND_ONE_ONLY')) self.styleCombo.SetToolTipString(_("It's possible to enter a series of 0's and 1's too. "\ "The first block of repeated zeros or ones represents 'draw', "\ "the second block represents 'blank'. An even number of blocks "\ "will repeat the pattern, an odd number of blocks will alternate the pattern.")) More...
tuple dialogs.h = self.unitConv.convert(value = float(legendDict['height']), fromUnit = 'inch', toUnit = legendDict['unit'])
 panel.defaultSize = wx.CheckBox(panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = _("Use default size")) panel.defaultSize.SetValue(legendDict['defaultSize']) More...
int dialogs.minVect = 1
 self.rSizeGBSizer.Add(panel.defaultSize, pos = (0,0), span = (1,2), flag = wx.ALIGN_CENTER_VERTICAL, border = 0) More...
tuple dialogs.maxVect = min(10, len(self.instruction[self.vectorId]['list']))
tuple dialogs.cols = wx.StaticText(panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = _("Columns:"))
list dialogs.min = legendDict['cols']
tuple dialogs.s = self.unitConv.convert(value = float(legendDict['span']), fromUnit = 'inch', toUnit = legendDict['unit'])
tuple = wx.StaticBox(parent = panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, label = " %s " % _("Font settings"))
tuple dialogs.fontSizer = wx.StaticBoxSizer(box, wx.VERTICAL)
tuple dialogs.flexSizer = wx.FlexGridSizer(cols = 2, hgap = 5, vgap = 5)
list dialogs.fontsize = self.panelVector.font['fontSizeCtrl']
 fontsize = self.panelVector.font['fontCtrl'].GetSelectedFont().GetPointSize() More...
tuple dialogs.unit = self.unitConv.findUnit(self.panelVector.units['unitsCtrl'].GetStringSelection())
int dialogs.w = fontsize/24
tuple dialogs.width = self.unitConv.convert(value = w, fromUnit = 'inch', toUnit = unit)