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reg_deps.h File Reference
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char * depstr (char *package, char *gisbase)
void register_extension (char *gisbase, char *bins, char *pkg_short_name, int pkg_major, int pkg_minor, int pkg_revision)
void deregister_extension (char *package, char *pkg_short_name, char *gisbase)
void check_dependencies (char *package, char *gisbase, char *grass_version)

Function Documentation

void check_dependencies ( char *  package,
char *  gisbase,
char *  grass_version 
char* depstr ( char *  package,
char *  gisbase 

Definition at line 32 of file reg_deps.c.

References ERR_CHECK_DEPS, errno, fclose(), file, first, malloc(), MAXSTR, nc_fgets_nb(), NULL, print_error(), and sprintf().

Referenced by register_extension().

void deregister_extension ( char *  package,
char *  pkg_short_name,
char *  gisbase 

Definition at line 235 of file reg_deps.c.

References ERR_DEREGISTER_EXT, errno, exit_db(), fclose(), file, FORCE, MAXSTR, nc_fgets_nb(), NULL, print_error(), sprintf(), and TMPDB.

Referenced by uninstall().

void register_extension ( char *  gisbase,
char *  bins,
char *  pkg_short_name,
int  pkg_major,
int  pkg_minor,
int  pkg_revision