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rowio/get.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <grass/rowio.h>
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void * rowio_get (ROWIO *R, int row)
 read a row More...
void rowio_flush (ROWIO *R)

Function Documentation

void rowio_flush ( ROWIO *  R)

Definition at line 74 of file rowio/get.c.

void* rowio_get ( ROWIO *  R,
int  row 

read a row

Rowio_get() returns a buffer which holds the data for row n from the file associated with ROWIO structure r. If the row requested is not in memory, the getrow() routine specified in rowio_setup is called to read row n into memory and a pointer to the memory buffer containing the row is returned. If the data currently in the buffer had been changed by rowio_put, the putrow() routine specified in rowio_setup is called first to write the changed row to disk. If row n is already in memory, no disk read is done. The pointer to the data is simply returned. Return codes: NULL n is negative, or getrow() returned 0 (indicating an error condition). !NULL pointer to buffer containing row n.

char *

Definition at line 31 of file rowio/get.c.

References NULL.