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Data Structures

class  widgets.GNotebook
 Generic notebook widget. More...
class  widgets.ScrolledPanel
 Custom ScrolledPanel to avoid strange behaviour concerning focus. More...
class  widgets.NumTextCtrl
 Class derived from wx.TextCtrl for numerical values only. More...
class  widgets.FloatSlider
 Class derived from wx.Slider for floats. More...
class  widgets.SymbolButton
 Button with symbol and label. More...
class  widgets.StaticWrapText
 A Static Text field that wraps its text to fit its width, enlarging its height if necessary. More...
class  widgets.BaseValidator
class  widgets.IntegerValidator
 Validator for floating-point input. More...
class  widgets.FloatValidator
 Validator for floating-point input. More...
class  widgets.NTCValidator
 validates input in textctrls, taken from wxpython demo More...
class  widgets.GenericValidator
class  widgets.ItemTree
class  widgets.SingleSymbolPanel
 Panel for displaying one symbol. More...


 Core GUI widgets.


def widgets.SetValue
def widgets.GetValue
def widgets.SetRange


tuple widgets.validator = NTCValidator(flag = 'DIGIT_ONLY')
 self.precision = kwargs.pop('prec') More...