GRASS GIS 7 Programmer's Manual
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1 #include <stdio.h>
2 #include <stdlib.h>
3 #include <sys/types.h>
4 #include <unistd.h>
5 #include <grass/raster3d.h>
7 /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
10 /*!
11  * \brief
12  *
13  * Makes a copy of <em>map</em> with name <em>nameOut</em> which is
14  * written with <em>precision</em>.
15  * The source code can be found in <em>changeprecision.c</em>.
16  *
17  * \param map
18  * \param precision
19  * \param nameOut
20  * \return void
21  */
23 void Rast3d_change_precision(void *map, int precision, const char *nameOut)
24 {
25  void *map2;
26  int x, y, z, savePrecision, saveCompression;
27  char *data;
28  RASTER3D_Region region;
29  int typeIntern;
30  int nx, ny, nz;
31  int tileXsave, tileYsave, tileZsave, tileX, tileY, tileZ, saveType;
33  saveType = Rast3d_get_file_type();
34  /* Rast3d_set_file_type (Rast3d_file_type_map (map)); */
35  Rast3d_get_compression_mode(&saveCompression, &savePrecision);
37  Rast3d_get_tile_dimension(&tileXsave, &tileYsave, &tileZsave);
38  Rast3d_get_tile_dimensions_map(map, &tileX, &tileY, &tileZ);
39  Rast3d_set_tile_dimension(tileX, tileY, tileZ);
41  typeIntern = Rast3d_tile_type_map(map);
42  Rast3d_get_region_struct_map(map, &region);
44  map2 =
45  Rast3d_open_cell_new(nameOut, typeIntern, RASTER3D_USE_CACHE_DEFAULT, &region);
46  if (map2 == NULL)
47  Rast3d_fatal_error("Rast3d_change_precision: error in Rast3d_open_cell_new");
49  Rast3d_set_file_type(saveType);
50  Rast3d_set_compression_mode(saveCompression, savePrecision);
51  Rast3d_set_tile_dimension(tileXsave, tileYsave, tileZsave);
53  data = Rast3d_alloc_tiles(map, 1);
54  if (data == NULL)
55  Rast3d_fatal_error("Rast3d_change_precision: error in Rast3d_alloc_tiles");
56  Rast3d_get_nof_tiles_map(map2, &nx, &ny, &nz);
58  for (z = 0; z < nz; z++)
59  for (y = 0; y < ny; y++)
60  for (x = 0; x < nx; x++) {
61  if (!Rast3d_read_tile(map, Rast3d_tile2tile_index(map, x, y, z), data,
62  typeIntern))
64  ("Rast3d_change_precision: error in Rast3d_read_tile");
66  (map2, Rast3d_tile2tile_index(map2, x, y, z), data,
67  typeIntern))
69  ("Rast3d_change_precision: error in Rast3d_write_tile");
70  }
72  Rast3d_free_tiles(data);
73  if (!Rast3d_close(map2))
74  Rast3d_fatal_error("Rast3d_change_precision: error in Rast3d_close");
75 }
void * Rast3d_alloc_tiles(RASTER3D_Map *map, int nofTiles)
Is equivalent to Rast3d_alloc_tiles_type (map, nofTiles, Rast3d_file_type_map (map)).
Definition: tilealloc.c:50
Definition: raster3d.h:20
int Rast3d_close(RASTER3D_Map *map)
Close 3D raster map files.
int Rast3d_tile2tile_index(RASTER3D_Map *map, int xTile, int yTile, int zTile)
Returns tile-index corresponding to tile-coordinates (xTile, yTile, zTile).
Definition: tilemath.c:52
void Rast3d_fatal_error(const char *msg,...)
Prints fatal error message.
int Rast3d_read_tile(RASTER3D_Map *map, int tileIndex, void *tile, int type)
Reads tile with index tileIndex into the tile buffer. The cells are stored with type type which must ...
Definition: tileread.c:145
int Rast3d_write_tile(RASTER3D_Map *map, int tileIndex, const void *tile, int type)
Writes tile with index tileIndex to the file corresponding to map. It is assumed that the cells in ti...
Definition: tilewrite.c:127
void Rast3d_free_tiles(void *tiles)
Is equivalent to Rast3d_free (tiles);
Definition: tilealloc.c:75
#define NULL
Definition: ccmath.h:32
#define x
void Rast3d_get_tile_dimensions_map(RASTER3D_Map *map, int *x, int *y, int *z)
Returns the tile dimensions used for map.
Definition: headerinfo.c:142
void Rast3d_set_file_type(int type)
set G3d file type
Definition: defaults.c:210
void Rast3d_set_compression_mode(int doCompress, int precision)
set compression mode
Definition: defaults.c:96
void Rast3d_get_nof_tiles_map(RASTER3D_Map *map, int *nx, int *ny, int *nz)
Returns the dimensions of the tile-cube used to tile the region of map. These numbers include partial...
Definition: headerinfo.c:51
void Rast3d_get_region_struct_map(RASTER3D_Map *map, RASTER3D_Region *region)
Returns in region the region of map.
Definition: headerinfo.c:115
void Rast3d_get_compression_mode(int *doCompress, int *precision)
Gets compression mode.
Definition: defaults.c:128
void Rast3d_set_tile_dimension(int tileX, int tileY, int tileZ)
set Tile Dimension
Definition: defaults.c:244
int Rast3d_tile_type_map(RASTER3D_Map *map)
Returns the type in which tiles of map are stored in memory.
Definition: headerinfo.c:161
void * Rast3d_open_cell_new(const char *name, int typeIntern, int cache, RASTER3D_Region *region)
Opens new g3d-file with name in the current mapset. Tiles are stored in memory with type which must b...
void Rast3d_get_tile_dimension(int *tileX, int *tileY, int *tileZ)
get Tile Dimension
Definition: defaults.c:271
void Rast3d_change_precision(void *map, int precision, const char *nameOut)
Makes a copy of map with name nameOut which is written with precision. The source code can be found i...
Definition: raster3d.h:15
int Rast3d_get_file_type()
get G3d file type
Definition: defaults.c:227