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1 #ifndef __PSDRIVER_H__
2 #define __PSDRIVER_H__
4 #include <stdio.h>
6 #include <grass/config.h>
7 #include "driver.h"
9 #define FILE_NAME ""
11 struct ps_state
12 {
13  FILE *outfp;
17  double left, right, bot, top;
18 };
20 extern struct ps_state ps;
22 extern void output(const char *, ...);
24 extern void init_color_table(void);
25 extern int lookup_color(int, int, int);
27 extern const struct driver *PS_Driver(void);
29 extern void PS_Box(double, double, double, double);
30 extern void PS_Client_Close(void);
31 extern void PS_Erase(void);
32 extern void PS_Graph_close(void);
33 extern int PS_Graph_set(void);
34 extern const char *PS_Graph_get_file(void);
35 extern void PS_Line_width(double);
36 extern void PS_Set_window(double, double, double, double);
37 extern void PS_Color(int, int, int);
38 extern void PS_Bitmap(int, int, int, const unsigned char *);
39 extern void PS_begin_raster(int, int[2][2], double[2][2]);
40 extern int PS_raster(int, int, const unsigned char *,
41  const unsigned char *, const unsigned char *,
42  const unsigned char *);
43 extern void PS_end_raster(void);
44 extern void PS_Begin(void);
45 extern void PS_Move(double, double);
46 extern void PS_Cont(double, double);
47 extern void PS_Close(void);
48 extern void PS_Stroke(void);
49 extern void PS_Fill(void);
50 extern void PS_Point(double, double);
52 #endif /* __PSDRIVER_H__ */
void PS_Graph_close(void)
void PS_Set_window(double, double, double, double)
int PS_Graph_set(void)
const char * PS_Graph_get_file(void)
Get render file.
double left
Definition: psdriver.h:17
void PS_Fill(void)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:41
struct ps_state ps
void PS_end_raster(void)
void PS_Cont(double x, double y)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:26
void PS_Line_width(double width)
FILE * outfp
Definition: psdriver.h:13
int PS_raster(int, int, const unsigned char *, const unsigned char *, const unsigned char *, const unsigned char *)
void PS_Client_Close(void)
void PS_Stroke(void)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:36
double right
Definition: psdriver.h:17
void PS_Begin(void)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:16
int true_color
Definition: psdriver.h:14
int encapsulated
Definition: psdriver.h:15
struct driver * PS_Driver(void)
void PS_Close(void)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:31
void PS_Color(int r, int g, int b)
Definition: psdriver/color.c:5
void output(const char *fmt,...)
double top
Definition: psdriver.h:17
int lookup_color(int, int, int)
void init_color_table(void)
int no_trailer
Definition: psdriver.h:16
Definition: driver.h:22
void PS_Move(double x, double y)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:21
void PS_begin_raster(int, int[2][2], double[2][2])
int no_header
Definition: psdriver.h:16
void PS_Erase(void)
Definition: psdriver/erase.c:3
void PS_Box(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)
Definition: psdriver/box.c:4
void PS_Bitmap(int ncols, int nrows, int threshold, const unsigned char *buf)
double bot
Definition: psdriver.h:17
void PS_Point(double x, double y)
Definition: psdriver/draw.c:46