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rbtree.c File Reference

binary search tree More...

#include <assert.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/glocale.h>
#include <grass/rbtree.h>
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struct RB_TREErbtree_create (rb_compare_fn *compare, size_t rb_datasize)
int rbtree_insert (struct RB_TREE *tree, void *data)
int rbtree_remove (struct RB_TREE *tree, const void *data)
void * rbtree_find (struct RB_TREE *tree, const void *data)
int rbtree_init_trav (struct RB_TRAV *trav, struct RB_TREE *tree)
void * rbtree_traverse (struct RB_TRAV *trav)
void * rbtree_traverse_backwd (struct RB_TRAV *trav)
void * rbtree_traverse_start (struct RB_TRAV *trav, const void *data)
void rbtree_clear (struct RB_TREE *tree)
void rbtree_destroy (struct RB_TREE *tree)
int rbtree_debug (struct RB_TREE *tree, struct RB_NODE *root)

Detailed Description

binary search tree

Generic balanced binary search tree (Red Black Tree) implementation

(C) 2009 by the GRASS Development Team

This program is free software under the GNU General Public License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS for details.

Original author Julienne Walker 2003, 2008 GRASS implementation Markus Metz, 2009

Definition in file rbtree.c.

Function Documentation

void rbtree_clear ( struct RB_TREE tree)

Definition at line 490 of file rbtree.c.

References RB_NODE::data, free(), RB_NODE::link, NULL, and RB_TREE::root.

Referenced by rbtree_destroy().

struct RB_TREE* rbtree_create ( rb_compare_fn compare,
size_t  rb_datasize 
int rbtree_debug ( struct RB_TREE tree,
struct RB_NODE root 

Definition at line 530 of file rbtree.c.

References RB_NODE::data, G_warning(), RB_NODE::link, NULL, and RB_TREE::rb_compare.

void rbtree_destroy ( struct RB_TREE tree)
void* rbtree_find ( struct RB_TREE tree,
const void *  data 

Definition at line 243 of file rbtree.c.

References assert, RB_NODE::data, RB_NODE::link, NULL, RB_TREE::rb_compare, and RB_TREE::root.

Referenced by Vect_break_polygons_mem().

int rbtree_init_trav ( struct RB_TRAV trav,
struct RB_TREE tree 
int rbtree_insert ( struct RB_TREE tree,
void *  data 
int rbtree_remove ( struct RB_TREE tree,
const void *  data 
void* rbtree_traverse ( struct RB_TRAV trav)
void* rbtree_traverse_backwd ( struct RB_TRAV trav)

Definition at line 307 of file rbtree.c.

References assert, RB_TRAV::curr_node, RB_TRAV::first, G_debug(), and NULL.

void* rbtree_traverse_start ( struct RB_TRAV trav,
const void *  data