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rgbpack.h File Reference
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#define RED_MASK   0x000000FF
#define GRN_MASK   0x0000FF00
#define BLU_MASK   0x00FF0000
#define INT_TO_RED(i, r)   (r = (i & RED_MASK))
#define INT_TO_GRN(i, g)   (g = (i & GRN_MASK) >> 8)
#define INT_TO_BLU(i, b)   (b = (i & BLU_MASK) >> 16)
#define RGB_TO_INT(r, g, b, i)
#define CONST_COLS   45
#define COLUMNS   9

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#define BLU_MASK   0x00FF0000

Definition at line 6 of file rgbpack.h.

#define COLUMNS   9

Definition at line 17 of file rgbpack.h.

#define CONST_COLS   45

Definition at line 16 of file rgbpack.h.

#define GRN_MASK   0x0000FF00

Definition at line 5 of file rgbpack.h.

#define INT_TO_BLU (   i,
)    (b = (i & BLU_MASK) >> 16)

Definition at line 10 of file rgbpack.h.

#define INT_TO_GRN (   i,
)    (g = (i & GRN_MASK) >> 8)

Definition at line 9 of file rgbpack.h.

#define INT_TO_RED (   i,
)    (r = (i & RED_MASK))

Definition at line 8 of file rgbpack.h.

#define RED_MASK   0x000000FF

Definition at line 4 of file rgbpack.h.

#define RGB_TO_INT (   r,
(i = (((r) & RED_MASK) + \
((int)((g) << 8) & GRN_MASK) + \
((int)((b) << 16) & BLU_MASK)))
#define RED_MASK
Definition: rgbpack.h:4
#define BLU_MASK
Definition: rgbpack.h:6
double b
Definition: r_raster.c:39
#define GRN_MASK
Definition: rgbpack.h:5
float g
Definition: named_colr.c:8
Reads the categories file for map name in mapset and stores the categories in the pcats structure...
double r
Definition: r_raster.c:39

Definition at line 12 of file rgbpack.h.

Referenced by gsd_put_legend().