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Quant Struct Reference

#include <raster.h>

Collaboration diagram for Quant:

Data Fields

int truncate_only
int round_only
int defaultDRuleSet
int defaultCRuleSet
int infiniteLeftSet
int infiniteRightSet
int cRangeSet
int maxNofRules
int nofRules
DCELL defaultDMin
DCELL defaultDMax
CELL defaultCMin
CELL defaultCMax
DCELL infiniteDLeft
DCELL infiniteDRight
CELL infiniteCLeft
CELL infiniteCRight
struct Quant_tabletable
struct {
   DCELL *   vals
   struct Quant_table **   rules
   int   nalloc
   int   active
   DCELL   inf_dmin
   DCELL   inf_dmax
   CELL   inf_min
   CELL   inf_max

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file raster.h.

Field Documentation

CELL Quant::cMax

Definition at line 106 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast_quant_get_limits().

CELL Quant::cMin

Definition at line 105 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast_quant_get_limits().

int Quant::cRangeSet

Definition at line 92 of file raster.h.

CELL Quant::defaultCMax

Definition at line 98 of file raster.h.

CELL Quant::defaultCMin

Definition at line 97 of file raster.h.

int Quant::defaultCRuleSet

Definition at line 89 of file raster.h.

DCELL Quant::defaultDMax

Definition at line 96 of file raster.h.

DCELL Quant::defaultDMin

Definition at line 95 of file raster.h.

int Quant::defaultDRuleSet

Definition at line 88 of file raster.h.

DCELL Quant::dMax

Definition at line 104 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast_quant_get_limits().

DCELL Quant::dMin

Definition at line 103 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast_quant_get_limits().

DCELL Quant::inf_dmin

Definition at line 117 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast__quant_organize_fp_lookup(), and Rast_quant_set_neg_infinite_rule().

DCELL Quant::infiniteDLeft
DCELL Quant::infiniteDRight
int Quant::infiniteLeftSet
int Quant::infiniteRightSet
int Quant::maxNofRules

Definition at line 93 of file raster.h.

Referenced by Rast_quant_free(), and Rast_quant_init().

int Quant::round_only
struct Quant_table** Quant::rules

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