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nv_data Struct Reference

#include <nviz.h>

Collaboration diagram for nv_data:

Data Fields

float zrange
float xyrange
int num_cplanes
int cur_cplane
int cp_on [MAX_CPLANES]
float cp_trans [MAX_CPLANES][3]
float cp_rot [MAX_CPLANES][3]
light_data light [MAX_LIGHTS]
int num_fringes
struct fringe_data ** fringe
int draw_arrow
struct arrow_dataarrow
int num_scalebars
struct scalebar_data ** scalebar
int bgcolor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file nviz.h.

Field Documentation

struct arrow_data* nv_data::arrow
int nv_data::bgcolor

Definition at line 128 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_draw_all(), Nviz_draw_quick(), Nviz_get_bgcolor(), and Nviz_set_bgcolor().

int nv_data::cp_on[MAX_CPLANES]

Definition at line 108 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_draw_all_surf(), Nviz_new_cplane(), Nviz_off_cplane(), and Nviz_on_cplane().

float nv_data::cp_rot[MAX_CPLANES][3]

Definition at line 110 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_get_cplane_rotation(), Nviz_new_cplane(), and Nviz_set_cplane_rotation().

float nv_data::cp_trans[MAX_CPLANES][3]
int nv_data::draw_arrow
struct fringe_data** nv_data::fringe
int nv_data::num_cplanes

Definition at line 107 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_init_data(), Nviz_new_cplane(), and Nviz_num_cplanes().

int nv_data::num_fringes
int nv_data::num_scalebars
float nv_data::xyrange

Definition at line 104 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_get_xyrange(), Nviz_init_data(), and Nviz_update_ranges().

float nv_data::zrange

Definition at line 104 of file nviz.h.

Referenced by Nviz_init_data(), and Nviz_update_ranges().

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