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Welcome !

GRASS GIS community

The strength, longevity and success of the GRASS GIS project relies on its worldwide community of users and developers. Everyone interested is welcome to join the international, diverse and inclusive GRASS GIS community.

GRASS GIS development team

The GRASS GIS project is led by a Team of scientists, researchers and developers from around the world. GRASS GIS software development is driven by the Project Steering Committee which is granting developer access, managing source code releases and coordinating various community activities.

Mailing lists

The mailing lists are the primary point of contact for the GRASS GIS project. Subscribe to start the conversation, and please follow the mailing list etiquette.
Users grass-user GRASS mailing list for user support
Developer grass-dev GRASS mailing list for developers
GRASS - R grass-stats Dedicated to GRASS GIS and R stats interface
Translations grass-translations Dedicated to GRASS GIS translations
PSC grass-psc Project Steering Committee mailing list
Git Commit grass-commits GRASS GIS git commit mailing list
Website grass-web GRASS GIS website mailing list
Announcement grass-announce General GRASS GIS project announcements

Q&A websites and chat

Discussions in question and answer (Q&A) style may be held on these sites; you need to first register to participate.
GitHub Discussions GitHub Discussions for GRASS GIS
gis.stackexchange.com GRASS GIS on StackExchange
Gitter chat room GRASS GIS on Gitter

Social media

Join the discussion also on the following channels:
https://fosstodon.org/@grassgis @GRASSGIS
https://twitter.com/grassgis @GRASSGIS
https://www.facebook.com/groups/GRASS @GRASSGIS


GRASS GIS uses wiki to organize community activities and provides space to share educational materials and technical solutions. To edit the wiki, please sign up here.