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Contribute to GRASS GIS

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Contribute financially

Consider financially supporting GRASS GIS trough OpenCollective. The GRASS GIS project is a volunteer-based organization and your financial support is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project and the software. See sponsoring page for details how to donate and to understand how we use the money to build up the community and software.

Report a bug or enhancement wish

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted as issues in the GRASS GIS bugtracking system. The bug report template will help you fill out relevant information for developers in a concise manner.

Improve documentation

Writing or editing documentation and tutorials is an ideal platform for your first contribution to the project.

Each GRASS GIS tool comes with a respective manual page that provides comprehensive documentation including working examples. There are also several tutorials, courses and wikis contributed by different developers and users. If you find a piece of information missing or outdated, please contribute!

Help with translation

The great worldwide interest in GRASS suggests value in translating GRASS messages to languages other than English. The GRASS Development Team is continuously seeking translators.

This is an opportunity to contribute even for non-programmers since messages can be easily translated in a user friendly platform. No programming skills required!

To contribute, sign in into weblate, pick the GRASS GIS project and start translating. The interface is really simple to use and all the changes you make will be automatically sent as a pull request to the GRASS GIS repository. Please also subscribe to the dedicated mailing list and check the translation glossary for agreed terminology in different languages.

Create an Addon

Developing your own tools? Great!

Please upload your addons to the GRASS GIS Addons repository. In this way, they become available to the community through the extension manager (g.extension or graphical user interface). Here is the full list of existing addons to get inspired.

Further details about how to gain access to our GitHub Addons repository can be found in this document.

Contribute to GRASS GIS core

The GRASS GIS core consists of libraries, tools and the Graphic User Interface. A good starting point is supporting us with bug fixing and enhancement wishes. Review these resources to learn how to develop and contribute code effectively. Feel free to announce your planned development to the GRASS developers mailing list, someone may join you or give you feedback.

For paid opportunities to develop code for GRASS GIS, check out our stipend program for students and Google Summer of Code program for students and open source beginners with our list of ideas.


If you use GRASS GIS for developing applications, products or for your scientific work, please cite it properly to raise awareness and visibility of the multiple uses of the software.

Have a look at our Google Scholar profile for examples of GRASS GIS applications in the most diverse fields. Are you using GRASS GIS in your research and your publication is missing? Let us know and we will add it to the Google Scholar profile.