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v.mkgrid - Creates a GRASS vector map of a user-defined grid.


vector, geometry


v.mkgrid help
v.mkgrid [-plq] map=name grid=rows,columns [position=string] [coor=x,y] [box=width,height] [angle=float] [breaks=integer] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet]


Create grid of points instead of areas and centroids
Create grid as lines, instead of areas
Quiet; No chatter
Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Verbose module output
Quiet module output


Name for output vector map
Number of rows and columns in grid
Where to place the grid
Options: region,coor
Default: region
region: current region
coor: use 'coor' and 'box' options
Lower left easting and northing coordinates of map
Width and height of boxes in grid
Angle of rotation (in degrees counter-clockwise)
Default: 0
Number of vertex points per grid cell
Options: 0-60
Default: 3


v.mkgrid will create a vector map representation of a regular coordinate grid. Both point and area vector grids can be created.


Grid points created with the -p flag will be placed at the center of each grid cell, not at the grid line nodes.

This is NOT to be used to generate a vector map of USGS quadrangles, because USGS quads are not exact rectangles.


1) Create a grid in a latitude-longitude location (WGS84):
# use g.region to easily calculate rows and column for 'grid':
g.region n=90 s=-90 w=-180 e=180 res=10 -p
projection: 3 (Latitude-Longitude)
zone:       0
datum:      wgs84
ellipsoid:  wgs84
north:      90N
south:      90S
west:       180W
east:       180E
nsres:      10
ewres:      10
rows:       18
cols:       36
cells:      648

# create 10 degree size grid:
v.mkgrid map=grid_10deg grid=18,36

2) Make a 4x3 grid, cells 20km a side, with lower left corner at 2716500,6447000:

v.mkgrid map=coro_grid grid=4,3 position=coor coor=2716500,6447000 box=20000,20000

3) Make a 10x12 lat/lon grid, cells 2 arc-min a side, with lower left corner at 167deg 52min east, 47deg 6min south. For use with e.g. QGIS you can then pull this grid into a projected location with v.proj before exporting as a Shapefile with v.out.ogr (within GRASS you could just use d.grid -w from the projected location for the same effect):

v.mkgrid map=p2min_grid grid=10,12 position=coor coor=167:52E,47:06S box=0:02,0:02


v.patch, d.grid


Michael Higgins, U.S.Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

Update for new vectors Radim Blazek 10/2004

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