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render.Layer Class Reference

Virtual class which stores information about layers (map layers and overlays) of the map composition. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __del__
def Render
 Render layer to image. More...
def GetCmd
 Get GRASS command as list of string. More...
def GetType
 Get map layer type. More...
def GetElement
 Get map element type. More...
def GetOpacity
def GetName
 Get map layer name. More...
def IsActive
 Check if layer is activated for rendering. More...
def SetType
 Set layer type. More...
def SetName
 Set layer name. More...
def SetActive
 Active or deactive layer. More...
def SetHidden
 Hide or show map layer in Layer Manager. More...
def SetOpacity
 Set opacity value. More...
def SetCmd
 Set new command for layer. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Virtual class which stores information about layers (map layers and overlays) of the map composition.

For map layer use MapLayer class. For overlays use Overlay class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def render.Layer.__init__ (   self,
  name = None,
  active = True,
  hidden = False,
  opacity = 1.0 
pass cmd as tuple instead of list
typelayer type ('raster', 'vector', 'overlay', 'command', etc.)
cmdGRASS command to render layer, given as list, e.g. ['d.rast', 'map=elevation']
namelayer name, e.g. 'elevation' (for layer tree)
activelayer is active, will be rendered only if True
hiddenlayer is hidden, won't be listed in Layer Manager if True
opacitylayer opacity <0;1>

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def render.Layer.__del__ (   self)

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References render.Layer.GetCmd(), and

Member Function Documentation

def render.Layer.GetCmd (   self,
  string = False 

Get GRASS command as list of string.

stringget command as string if True otherwise as list
command list/string

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References render.Layer.cmd, gcmd.Command.cmd, gcmd.CommandThread.cmd, utils.GetCmdString(), and render.Layer.type.

Referenced by render.Layer.__del__(), wxnviz.ImageTexture.Corresponds(), dialogs.ModelSearchDialog.OnOk(), render.Layer.Render(), and render.Layer.SetCmd().

def render.Layer.GetElement (   self)
def render.Layer.GetName (   self,
  fullyQualified = True 

Get map layer name.

fullyQualifiedTrue to return fully qualified name as a string 'name' otherwise directory { 'name', 'mapset' } is returned
string / directory

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Referenced by dialogs.ItemCheckListCtrl.OnCheckItem(), widgets.SingleSymbolPanel.OnDoubleClick(), and widgets.SingleSymbolPanel.OnLeftDown().

def render.Layer.GetOpacity (   self,
  float = False 
Get layer opacity level

@param float get opacity level in <0,1> otherwise <0,100>

@return opacity level

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References render.Layer.opacity.

Referenced by dialogs.SetOpacityDialog.OnApply().

def render.Layer.GetType (   self)

Get map layer type.

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References render.Layer.type.

Referenced by dialogs.ModelDataDialog.OnOK().

def render.Layer.IsActive (   self)

Check if layer is activated for rendering.

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def render.Layer.Render (   self)
def render.Layer.SetActive (   self,
  enable = True 

Active or deactive layer.

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def render.Layer.SetCmd (   self,
def render.Layer.SetHidden (   self,
  enable = False 

Hide or show map layer in Layer Manager.

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References render.Layer.hidden.

def render.Layer.SetOpacity (   self,

Set opacity value.

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References render.Layer.opacity.

def render.Layer.SetType (   self,

Set layer type.

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References render.Layer.type.

Field Documentation

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Referenced by render.Layer.Render(), and render.Layer.SetCmd().


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Referenced by render.Layer.SetHidden().


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Referenced by render.Layer.Render().


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Referenced by render.Layer.GetOpacity(), and render.Layer.SetOpacity().

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