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render Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  Layer
 Virtual class which stores information about layers (map layers and overlays) of the map composition. More...
class  MapLayer
class  Overlay
class  Map
 Map composition (stack of map layers and overlays) More...


tuple Map = Map()
string name = "elevation"
list command = ["d.rast", "map=elevation@PERMANENT"]
int l_opacity = .7
tuple image = Map.Render(force = True)

Variable Documentation

list render.command = ["d.rast", "map=elevation@PERMANENT"]

Definition at line 1315 of file

Referenced by F_open(), new_item(), and sqpCommand().

tuple render.image = Map.Render(force = True)

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int render.l_opacity = .7

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render.USE_GPNMCOMP = True

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