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wxnviz.TextTexture Class Reference

Class representing OpenGL texture as a text label. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Load image to texture. More...
def GetTextDict
 Returns text properties. More...
def Corresponds
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxnviz.Texture
def __init__
 Load image to texture. More...
def __del__
 Delete texture. More...
def Resize
 Resize image to match 2^n. More...
def Load
 Load image to texture. More...
def Draw
 Draw texture as an image. More...
def SetBounds
 Set Bounding Rectangle. More...
def HitTest
def MoveTexture
 Move texture on the screen. More...
def SetCoords
 Set coordinates. More...
def GetId
 Returns image id. More...
def SetActive
def IsActive

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from wxnviz.Texture

Detailed Description

Class representing OpenGL texture as a text label.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def wxnviz.TextTexture.__init__ (   self,

Load image to texture.

filepathpath to image file
overlayIdid of overlay (101 and more for text)
coordstext coordinates
textDicttext properties

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Member Function Documentation

def wxnviz.TextTexture.Corresponds (   self,

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References wxnviz.TextTexture.GetTextDict().

def wxnviz.TextTexture.GetTextDict (   self)

Returns text properties.

Definition at line 2049 of file

References wxnviz.TextTexture.textDict.

Referenced by wxnviz.TextTexture.Corresponds().

Field Documentation


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