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wxnviz Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  Nviz
class  Texture
 Class representing OpenGL texture. More...
class  ImageTexture
 Class representing OpenGL texture as an overlay image. More...
class  TextTexture
 Class representing OpenGL texture as a text label. More...


def print_error
 Redirect stderr. More...
def print_progress
 Redirect progress info. More...


tuple msg
 log = None
 progress = None
tuple errtype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), String, c_int)
tuple errfunc = errtype(print_error)
tuple pertype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), c_int)
tuple perfunc = pertype(print_progress)

Function Documentation

def wxnviz.print_error (   msg,

Redirect stderr.

Definition at line 57 of file

def wxnviz.print_progress (   value)

Redirect progress info.

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Variable Documentation

tuple wxnviz.errfunc = errtype(print_error)

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tuple wxnviz.errtype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), String, c_int)

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tuple wxnviz.msg
Initial value:
1 = _("This module requires the NumPy module, which could not be "
2  "imported. It probably is not installed (it's not part of the "
3  "standard Python distribution). See the Numeric Python site "
4  "( for information on downloading source or "
5  "binaries.")

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Referenced by db_noproc_error(), db_procedure_not_implemented(), db_start_driver(), db_syserror(), and G__get_window().

tuple wxnviz.perfunc = pertype(print_progress)

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tuple wxnviz.pertype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), c_int)

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wxnviz.progress = None

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