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common.c File Reference
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/raster.h>
#include <grass/graphics.h>
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void R_flush (void)
 flush graphics More...
void R_pad_perror (const char *msg, int code)
void R_pad_freelist (char **list, int count)

Function Documentation

void R_flush ( void  )

flush graphics

Send all pending graphics commands to the graphics driver. This is done automatically when graphics input requests are made. Generally this is only needed for interactive graphics.


Definition at line 17 of file common.c.

References R_stabilize().

Referenced by D_erase_window(), D_popup(), and D_show_window().

void R_pad_freelist ( char **  list,
int  count 
void R_pad_perror ( const char *  msg,
int  code 

Definition at line 22 of file common.c.

References err, NO_MEMORY, and OK.

Referenced by D_new_window(), and ident_win().