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dataquad.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  triple
struct  quaddata


#define NW   1
#define NE   2
#define SW   3
#define SE   4


struct triplequad_point_new (double, double, double, double)
struct quaddataquad_data_new (double, double, double, double, int, int, int, int)
int quad_compare (struct triple *, struct quaddata *)
int quad_add_data (struct triple *, struct quaddata *, double)
int quad_intersect (struct quaddata *, struct quaddata *)
int quad_division_check (struct quaddata *, int)
struct quaddata ** quad_divide_data (struct quaddata *, int, double)
int quad_get_points (struct quaddata *, struct quaddata *, int)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NE   2
#define NW   1
#define SE   4
#define SW   3

Function Documentation

int quad_add_data ( struct triple ,
struct quaddata ,

Definition at line 117 of file dataquad.c.

References n, quaddata::n_points, NULL, quaddata::points, r, triple::sm, triple::x, triple::y, and triple::z.

Referenced by quad_divide_data().

int quad_compare ( struct triple ,
struct quaddata  
int quad_division_check ( struct quaddata ,

Definition at line 183 of file dataquad.c.

References quaddata::n_points, NULL, and quaddata::points.

int quad_get_points ( struct quaddata ,
struct quaddata ,
int quad_intersect ( struct quaddata ,
struct quaddata  

Definition at line 152 of file dataquad.c.

References quaddata::x_orig, quaddata::xmax, xmax, xmin, quaddata::y_orig, quaddata::ymax, ymax, and ymin.

struct triple* quad_point_new ( double  ,
double  ,
double  ,

Definition at line 18 of file dataquad.c.

References malloc(), NULL, point, triple::sm, triple::x, triple::y, y, and triple::z.

Referenced by process_point().