GRASS Programmer's Manual  6.5.svn(2014)-r66266
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Data Structures

class  forms.UpdateThread
 Update dialog widgets in the thread. More...
class  forms.UpdateQThread
 Update dialog widgets in the thread. More...
class  forms.TaskFrame
 This is the Frame containing the dialog for options input. More...
class  forms.CmdPanel
 A panel containing a notebook dividing in tabs the different guisections of the GRASS cmd. More...
class  forms.GUI
class  forms.GrassGUIApp
 Stand-alone GRASS command GUI. More...




def forms.color_resolve
def forms.text_beautify
def forms.escape_ampersand
 Escapes ampersands with additional ampersand for GUI. More...
def forms.UpdateDialog


tuple forms.gisbase = os.getenv("GISBASE")
 forms.wxbase = gisbase
dictionary forms.str2rgb
dictionary forms.rgb2str = {}
dictionary forms._blackList
tuple forms.q = wx.LogNull()
tuple forms.cmd = utils.split(sys.argv[1])
tuple forms.task = gtask.grassTask(gcmd.GetRealCmd(cmd[0]))
tuple = GrassGUIApp(task)