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1 #include <grass/gis.h>
2 #include <grass/G3d.h>
4 /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
6 void *G3d_openNewParam(const char *name, int typeIntern, int cache,
7  G3D_Region * region, int type, int doLzw, int doRle,
8  int precision, int tileX, int tileY, int tileZ)
9 {
10  void *map;
11  int oldCompress, oldLzw, oldRle, oldPrecision, oldTileX, oldTileY,
12  oldTileZ;
13  int oldType;
17  G3d_getCompressionMode(&oldCompress, &oldLzw, &oldRle, &oldPrecision);
18  G3d_setCompressionMode(oldCompress, doLzw, doRle, precision);
20  G3d_getTileDimension(&oldTileX, &oldTileY, &oldTileZ);
21  G3d_setTileDimension(tileX, tileY, tileZ);
23  oldType = G3d_getFileType();
24  G3d_setFileType(type);
26  map = G3d_openCellNew(name, typeIntern, cache, region);
28  G3d_setCompressionMode(oldCompress, oldLzw, oldRle, oldPrecision);
29  G3d_setTileDimension(oldTileX, oldTileY, oldTileZ);
30  G3d_setFileType(oldType);
32  return map;
33 }
void * G3d_openNewParam(const char *name, int typeIntern, int cache, G3D_Region *region, int type, int doLzw, int doRle, int precision, int tileX, int tileY, int tileZ)
Definition: g3dopen2.c:6
string name
void G3d_getCompressionMode(int *doCompress, int *doLzw, int *doRle, int *precision)
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:125
void G3d_setCompressionMode(int doCompress, int doLzw, int doRle, int precision)
doCompress should be one of G3D_NO_COMPRESSION and G3D_COMPRESSION, doRle should be either G3D_NO_RLE...
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:85
void G3d_setFileType(int type)
set G3d file type
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:223
void G3d_getTileDimension(int *tileX, int *tileY, int *tileZ)
get Tile Dimension
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:291
void G3d_initDefaults(void)
Initializes the default values described in G3D Defaults. Applications have to use this function only...
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:347
void G3d_setTileDimension(int tileX, int tileY, int tileZ)
set Tile Dimension
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:262
void * G3d_openCellNew(const char *name, int typeIntern, int cache, G3D_Region *region)
Opens new g3d-file with name in the current mapset. Tiles are stored in memory with type which must b...
Definition: g3dopen.c:213
int G3d_getFileType()
get G3d file type
Definition: g3ddefaults.c:243