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Data Structures

class  gcmd.GError
class  gcmd.GWarning
class  gcmd.GMessage
class  gcmd.GException
class  gcmd.Popen
 Subclass subprocess.Popen. More...
class  gcmd.Command
 Run command in separate thread. More...
class  gcmd.CommandThread
 Create separate thread for command. More...


 wxGUI command interface


def gcmd.GetRealCmd
 Return real command name - only for MS Windows. More...
def gcmd.DecodeString
 Decode string using system encoding. More...
def gcmd.EncodeString
 Return encoded string using system locales. More...
def gcmd.recv_some
def gcmd.send_all
def gcmd.RunCommand
 Run GRASS command. More...
def gcmd.GetDefaultEncoding
 Get default system encoding. More...


tuple gcmd.compatPath = os.path.join(globalvar.ETCWXDIR, "compat")
string gcmd.message = "Other end disconnected!"
tuple gcmd._enc = GetDefaultEncoding()