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viz.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "cell_table.h"
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Data Structures

struct  cmndln_info
struct  file_info
struct  poly_info
struct  cube_info
struct  Cube_data
struct  CELL_ENTRY


#define GRID_ID   "grid003.02"
#define DSPF_ID   "dspf003.02"
#define LINTERP(A, B, C)   ((C-A)/(B-A))*255
#define VOID_TYPE   char
#define FLINTERP(A, B, C, D, E)   (((C-A)*(E-D))/(B-A)) + D
#define NV(A, B, C)   ((A*A) + (B*B) + (C*C))
#define MAXLITS   3
#define MAXTHRESH   127
#define MAXPOLY   10
#define GLOBAL   extern


int write_cube (Cube_data *, int, file_info *)
int write_cube_buffer (unsigned char *, int, int, file_info *)
int read_cube (Cube_data *, file_info *)
int my_fread (char *, int, int, FILE *)
int reset_reads (file_info *)
int new_dspf (file_info *)
int dfwrite_header (file_info *)
int dfread_header (file_info *)
int dfread_header_old (file_info *, FILE *)
int print_head_info (file_info *)
int struct_copy (char *, char *, int)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DSPF_ID   "dspf003.02"

Definition at line 6 of file viz.h.

Referenced by dfread_header(), and dfwrite_header().

#define FLINTERP (   A,
)    (((C-A)*(E-D))/(B-A)) + D

Definition at line 11 of file viz.h.

#define GLOBAL   extern

Definition at line 104 of file viz.h.

#define GRID_ID   "grid003.02"

Definition at line 5 of file viz.h.

#define LINTERP (   A,
)    ((C-A)/(B-A))*255

Definition at line 8 of file viz.h.

#define MAXLITS   3

Definition at line 16 of file viz.h.

#define MAXPOLY   10

Definition at line 19 of file viz.h.

#define MAXTHRESH   127

Definition at line 18 of file viz.h.

#define NV (   A,
)    ((A*A) + (B*B) + (C*C))

Definition at line 15 of file viz.h.

#define VOID_TYPE   char

Definition at line 9 of file viz.h.

Function Documentation

int my_fread ( char *  ,
int  ,
int  ,
FILE *   

Definition at line 266 of file cube_io.c.

References struct_copy().

Referenced by read_cube().

int new_dspf ( file_info )

Definition at line 294 of file cube_io.c.

References file_info::Dataoff, and file_info::dspfinfp.

int reset_reads ( file_info )

Definition at line 284 of file cube_io.c.

References file_info::Dataoff, and file_info::dspfinfp.

int struct_copy ( char *  ,
char *  ,

Definition at line 2 of file struct_copy.c.

References tools::size.

Referenced by my_fread().

int write_cube_buffer ( unsigned char *  ,
int  ,
int  ,

Definition at line 92 of file cube_io.c.

References file_info::dspfoutfp, and file_info::xdim.

Referenced by write_cube().