GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.5.0dev(2024)-60f67276fb
clean_nodes.c File Reference

Vector library - Clean boundaries at nodes. More...

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <grass/vector.h>
#include <grass/glocale.h>
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int Vect_clean_small_angles_at_nodes (struct Map_info *Map, int otype, struct Map_info *Err)
 Clean small angles at nodes. More...

Detailed Description

Vector library - Clean boundaries at nodes.

Higher level functions for reading/writing/manipulating vectors.

(C) 2001-2009 by the GRASS Development Team

This program is free software under the GNU General Public License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS for details.

Radim Blazek

Definition in file clean_nodes.c.

Function Documentation

◆ Vect_clean_small_angles_at_nodes()

int Vect_clean_small_angles_at_nodes ( struct Map_info Map,
int  otype,
struct Map_info Err 

Clean small angles at nodes.

It may happen that even if the angle between 2 boundaries at node is very small, the calculated angle is 0 because of representation error. The map must be built at least on level GV_BUILD_BASE

Mapinput map
otypefeature type
[out]Errvector map where error line segments are written
number of line modifications

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