GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.5.0dev(2024)-3f124c5c78
cube_io.c File Reference
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include "viz.h"
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int write_cube (Cube_data *Cube, int cur_x, file_info *headfax)
int write_cube_buffer (unsigned char *Buffer, int size, int cur_x, file_info *headfax)
int read_cube (Cube_data *Cube, file_info *headfax)
int my_fread (char *buf, int size, int cnt, FILE *fp)
int reset_reads (file_info *headfax)
int new_dspf (file_info *hfax)

Function Documentation

◆ my_fread()

int my_fread ( char *  buf,
int  size,
int  cnt,
FILE *  fp 

Definition at line 257 of file cube_io.c.

◆ new_dspf()

int new_dspf ( file_info hfax)

Definition at line 285 of file cube_io.c.

References file_info::Dataoff, file_info::dspfinfp, and G_fseek().

◆ read_cube()

int read_cube ( Cube_data Cube,
file_info headfax 

Definition at line 137 of file cube_io.c.

◆ reset_reads()

int reset_reads ( file_info headfax)

Definition at line 275 of file cube_io.c.

◆ write_cube()

int write_cube ( Cube_data Cube,
int  cur_x,
file_info headfax 

Definition at line 26 of file cube_io.c.

References Cube_data::n_thresh.

◆ write_cube_buffer()

int write_cube_buffer ( unsigned char *  Buffer,
int  size,
int  cur_x,
file_info headfax 

Definition at line 96 of file cube_io.c.