GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.4.0dev(2024)-55b2a2bccc
gpj_datum_transform_list Struct Reference

#include <gprojects.h>

Collaboration diagram for gpj_datum_transform_list:

Data Fields

int count
char * params
char * where_used
char * comment
struct gpj_datum_transform_listnext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 91 of file gprojects.h.

Field Documentation

◆ comment

char* gpj_datum_transform_list::comment

Additional Comments

Definition at line 100 of file gprojects.h.

Referenced by GPJ_free_datum_transform().

◆ count

int gpj_datum_transform_list::count

Transform Number (ordered list)

Definition at line 93 of file gprojects.h.

◆ next

struct gpj_datum_transform_list* gpj_datum_transform_list::next

Pointer to next set of transform parameters in linked list

Definition at line 103 of file gprojects.h.

◆ params

char* gpj_datum_transform_list::params

PROJ.4-style datum transform parameters

Definition at line 95 of file gprojects.h.

Referenced by GPJ_free_datum_transform(), and GPJ_get_default_datum_params_by_name().

◆ where_used

char* gpj_datum_transform_list::where_used

Comment text describing where (geographically) the transform is valid

Definition at line 97 of file gprojects.h.

Referenced by GPJ_free_datum_transform().

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