GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.4.0dev(2024)-87d2d42d3b
kdtree Struct Reference

k-d tree More...

#include <kdtree.h>

Collaboration diagram for kdtree:

Data Fields

unsigned char ndims
unsigned char * nextdim
int csize
int btol
size_t count
struct kdnoderoot

Detailed Description

k-d tree

Definition at line 80 of file kdtree.h.

Field Documentation

◆ btol

int kdtree::btol

balancing tolerance

Definition at line 84 of file kdtree.h.

Referenced by kdtree_create().

◆ count

size_t kdtree::count

number of items in the tree

Definition at line 85 of file kdtree.h.

◆ csize

int kdtree::csize

size of coordinates in bytes

Definition at line 83 of file kdtree.h.

◆ ndims

unsigned char kdtree::ndims

number of dimensions

Definition at line 81 of file kdtree.h.

Referenced by kdtree_create().

◆ nextdim

unsigned char* kdtree::nextdim

split dimension of child nodes

Definition at line 82 of file kdtree.h.

◆ root

struct kdnode* kdtree::root

tree root

Definition at line 86 of file kdtree.h.

Referenced by kdtree_init_trav().

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