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Data Structures

class  wxnviz.Nviz
class  wxnviz.Texture
 Class representing OpenGL texture. More...
class  wxnviz.ImageTexture
 Class representing OpenGL texture as an overlay image. More...
class  wxnviz.TextTexture
 Class representing OpenGL texture as a text label. More...


 wxGUI 3D view mode (ctypes-based classes)


def wxnviz.print_error
 Redirect stderr. More...
def wxnviz.print_progress
 Redirect progress info. More...


tuple wxnviz.msg
 wxnviz.log = None
 wxnviz.progress = None
tuple wxnviz.errtype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), String, c_int)
tuple wxnviz.errfunc = errtype(print_error)
tuple wxnviz.pertype = CFUNCTYPE(UNCHECKED(c_int), c_int)
tuple wxnviz.perfunc = pertype(print_progress)