GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.2.2dev(2023)-3d2c704037
defs/stats.h File Reference
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typedef void stat_func(DCELL *, DCELL *, int, const void *)
typedef void stat_func_w(DCELL *, DCELL(*)[2], int, const void *)


int sort_cell (DCELL *, int)
int sort_cell_w (DCELL(*)[2], int)


stat_func c_ave
stat_func c_count
stat_func c_divr
stat_func c_intr
stat_func c_max
stat_func c_maxx
stat_func c_median
stat_func c_min
stat_func c_minx
stat_func c_mode
stat_func c_stddev
stat_func c_sum
stat_func c_thresh
stat_func c_var
stat_func c_range
stat_func c_reg_m
stat_func c_reg_c
stat_func c_reg_r2
stat_func c_reg_t
stat_func c_quart1
stat_func c_quart3
stat_func c_perc90
stat_func c_quant
stat_func c_skew
stat_func c_kurt
stat_func_w w_ave
stat_func_w w_count
stat_func_w w_median
stat_func_w w_min
stat_func_w w_max
stat_func_w w_mode
stat_func_w w_quart1
stat_func_w w_quart3
stat_func_w w_perc90
stat_func_w w_quant
stat_func_w w_reg_m
stat_func_w w_reg_c
stat_func_w w_reg_r2
stat_func_w w_reg_t
stat_func_w w_stddev
stat_func_w w_sum
stat_func_w w_var
stat_func_w w_skew
stat_func_w w_kurt

Typedef Documentation

◆ stat_func

typedef void stat_func(DCELL *, DCELL *, int, const void *)

Definition at line 4 of file defs/stats.h.

◆ stat_func_w

typedef void stat_func_w(DCELL *, DCELL(*)[2], int, const void *)

Definition at line 5 of file defs/stats.h.

Function Documentation

◆ sort_cell()

int sort_cell ( DCELL ,

Definition at line 28 of file sort_cell.c.

References Rast_is_d_null_value.

Referenced by c_divr(), c_median(), and c_quant().

◆ sort_cell_w()

int sort_cell_w ( DCELL(*)  [2],

Definition at line 47 of file sort_cell.c.

References Rast_is_d_null_value.

Referenced by w_median(), and w_quant().

Variable Documentation

◆ c_ave

stat_func c_ave

◆ c_count

stat_func c_count

◆ c_divr

stat_func c_divr

◆ c_intr

stat_func c_intr

◆ c_kurt

stat_func c_kurt

◆ c_max

stat_func c_max

◆ c_maxx

stat_func c_maxx

◆ c_median

stat_func c_median

◆ c_min

stat_func c_min

◆ c_minx

stat_func c_minx

◆ c_mode

stat_func c_mode

◆ c_perc90

stat_func c_perc90

◆ c_quant

stat_func c_quant

◆ c_quart1

stat_func c_quart1

◆ c_quart3

stat_func c_quart3

◆ c_range

stat_func c_range

◆ c_reg_c

stat_func c_reg_c

◆ c_reg_m

stat_func c_reg_m

◆ c_reg_r2

stat_func c_reg_r2

◆ c_reg_t

stat_func c_reg_t

◆ c_skew

stat_func c_skew

◆ c_stddev

stat_func c_stddev

◆ c_sum

stat_func c_sum

◆ c_thresh

stat_func c_thresh

◆ c_var

stat_func c_var

Referenced by c_stddev().

◆ w_ave

stat_func_w w_ave

◆ w_count

stat_func_w w_count

◆ w_kurt

stat_func_w w_kurt

◆ w_max

stat_func_w w_max

◆ w_median

stat_func_w w_median

◆ w_min

stat_func_w w_min

◆ w_mode

stat_func_w w_mode

◆ w_perc90

stat_func_w w_perc90

◆ w_quant

stat_func_w w_quant

◆ w_quart1

stat_func_w w_quart1

◆ w_quart3

stat_func_w w_quart3

◆ w_reg_c

stat_func_w w_reg_c

◆ w_reg_m

stat_func_w w_reg_m

◆ w_reg_r2

stat_func_w w_reg_r2

◆ w_reg_t

stat_func_w w_reg_t

◆ w_skew

stat_func_w w_skew

◆ w_stddev

stat_func_w w_stddev

◆ w_sum

stat_func_w w_sum

◆ w_var

stat_func_w w_var

Referenced by w_stddev().