GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.5.0dev(2024)-ee9fa48798
zones.c File Reference
#include <grass/config.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <grass/lidar.h>
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void P_zero_dim (struct Reg_dimens *dim)
int P_set_regions (struct Cell_head *Elaboration, struct bound_box *General, struct bound_box *Overlap, struct Reg_dimens dim, int type)
int P_set_dim (struct Reg_dimens *dim, double pe, double pn, int *nsplx, int *nsply)
int P_get_edge (int interpolator, struct Reg_dimens *dim, double pe, double pn)
int P_get_BandWidth (int interpolator, int nsplines)
double P_Mean_Calc (struct Cell_head *Elaboration, struct Point *obs, int npoints)
double P_estimate_splinestep (struct Map_info *Map, double *dens, double *dist)
struct PointP_Read_Vector_Region_Map (struct Map_info *Map, struct Cell_head *Elaboration, int *num_points, int dim_vect, int layer)
struct PointP_Read_Raster_Region_Map (SEGMENT *in_seg, struct Cell_head *Elaboration, struct Cell_head *Original, int *num_points, int dim_vect)
int P_Create_Aux2_Table (dbDriver *driver, char *tab_name)
int P_Create_Aux4_Table (dbDriver *driver, char *tab_name)
int P_Drop_Aux_Table (dbDriver *driver, char *tab_name)
void P_Aux_to_Raster (double **matrix, int fd)
void P_Aux_to_Vector (struct Map_info *Map UNUSED, struct Map_info *Out, dbDriver *driver, char *tab_name)

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◆ P_Aux_to_Raster()

void P_Aux_to_Raster ( double **  matrix,
int  fd 

Definition at line 540 of file zones.c.

◆ P_Aux_to_Vector()

void P_Aux_to_Vector ( struct Map_info *Map  UNUSED,
struct Map_info Out,
dbDriver driver,
char *  tab_name 

Definition at line 565 of file zones.c.

◆ P_Create_Aux2_Table()

◆ P_Create_Aux4_Table()

◆ P_Drop_Aux_Table()

int P_Drop_Aux_Table ( dbDriver driver,
char *  tab_name 

Definition at line 529 of file zones.c.

References db_append_string(), db_execute_immediate(), and db_init_string().

◆ P_estimate_splinestep()

double P_estimate_splinestep ( struct Map_info Map,
double *  dens,
double *  dist 

Definition at line 259 of file zones.c.

◆ P_get_BandWidth()

int P_get_BandWidth ( int  interpolator,
int  nsplines 

Definition at line 218 of file zones.c.

References P_BILINEAR.

◆ P_get_edge()

int P_get_edge ( int  interpolator,
struct Reg_dimens dim,
double  pe,
double  pn 

Definition at line 196 of file zones.c.

References Reg_dimens::edge_h, Reg_dimens::edge_v, P_BICUBIC, and P_BILINEAR.

◆ P_Mean_Calc()

double P_Mean_Calc ( struct Cell_head Elaboration,
struct Point obs,
int  npoints 

◆ P_Read_Raster_Region_Map()

struct Point* P_Read_Raster_Region_Map ( SEGMENT in_seg,
struct Cell_head Elaboration,
struct Cell_head Original,
int *  num_points,
int  dim_vect 

Definition at line 387 of file zones.c.

◆ P_Read_Vector_Region_Map()

struct Point* P_Read_Vector_Region_Map ( struct Map_info Map,
struct Cell_head Elaboration,
int *  num_points,
int  dim_vect,
int  layer 

Definition at line 322 of file zones.c.

References Point::cat.

◆ P_set_dim()

int P_set_dim ( struct Reg_dimens dim,
double  pe,
double  pn,
int *  nsplx,
int *  nsply 

◆ P_set_regions()

int P_set_regions ( struct Cell_head Elaboration,
struct bound_box General,
struct bound_box Overlap,
struct Reg_dimens  dim,
int  type 

Definition at line 53 of file zones.c.

◆ P_zero_dim()

void P_zero_dim ( struct Reg_dimens dim)