Do you need commercial and professional GRASS support or training?

Companies providing services around GRASS like commercial training (list maintained by

The companies listed here are offering commercial support to GRASS GIS users. This covers GRASS usage and GRASS related programming. The companies support the GRASS Development Team with bugfixes, new GRASS modules and improvements (see GRASS authors). These links are provided as a service to the community only, the GRASS team can not officially endorse patronage.

If you are interested to support GRASS development, please let us know!
See also: OSGeo Service Providers - international list of companies supporting Free Software GIS

GRASS GIS is released under GNU General Public License.

Sponsor GRASS GIS development!

Most of GRASS GIS development was/is done by volunteers who are spending their free time on this project. Other (major) functionality has been funded by grants to universities for certain projects, with the tools/applications finally integrated into GRASS. Many governmental organizations have been and are today sponsoring GRASS.

However, perhaps you want some special functionality. Currently, the best is to hire a GRASS developer to actually add the functionality you need. Contract for the development directly with the stipulation that functionality be released and integrated into the Free Software GRASS source tree under GNU GPL. Students who are interested in GRASS anyway are often happy to get some funding for their hobby. You can also hire professionals (see list above, those companies are already involved in GRASS development or directly contact the GRASS developers).

Consider to contact National GRASS GIS user groups if they have ideas to accept GRASS fundings.

It is likely that programmers will add the desired functionality for you. Other GRASS users can benefit as GRASS development is done similiar to many other Free Software projects: If the enhancement is useful for a wide audience, it is likely to be integrated into the GRASS main code.

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