GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.2.0(2022)-0532d65c3
init2d.c File Reference

Initialization of interpolation library data structures. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/interpf.h>
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void IL_init_params_2d (struct interp_params *params, FILE *inp, int elatt, int smatt, double zm, int k1, int k2, char *msk, int rows, int cols, DCELL *ar1, DCELL *ar2, DCELL *ar3, DCELL *ar4, DCELL *ar5, DCELL *ar6, double tension, int k3, int sc1, int sc2, int sc3, double sm, char *f1, char *f2, char *f3, char *f4, char *f5, char *f6, double dm, double x_or, double y_or, int der, double tet, double scl, FILE *t1, FILE *t2, FILE *t3, FILE *t4, FILE *t5, FILE *t6, bool create_devi, struct TimeStamp *ts, int c, const char *wheresql)
void IL_init_func_2d (struct interp_params *params, grid_calc_fn *grid_f, matrix_create_fn *matr_f, check_points_fn *point_f, secpar_fn *secp_f, interp_fn *interp_f, interpder_fn *interpder_f, wr_temp_fn *temp_f)

Detailed Description

Initialization of interpolation library data structures.

H. Mitasova, I. Kosinovsky, D. Gerdes Fall 1993 (original authors)
modified by McCauley in August 1995
modified by Mitasova in August 1995
modified by Brown in June 1999 - added elatt & smatt

Definition in file init2d.c.

Function Documentation

◆ IL_init_func_2d()

void IL_init_func_2d ( struct interp_params params,
grid_calc_fn grid_f,
matrix_create_fn matr_f,
check_points_fn point_f,
secpar_fn secp_f,
interp_fn interp_f,
interpder_fn interpder_f,
wr_temp_fn temp_f 

Initializes functions used by the library

grid_fcalculates grid for given segment
matr_fcreates matrix for a given segment
point_fchecks interpolation function at points
secp_fcalculates aspect, slope, curvature
interp_fradial basis function
interpder_fderivatives of radial basis function
temp_fwrites temp files

Definition at line 109 of file init2d.c.

References interp_params::check_points, interp_params::grid_calc, interp_params::interp, interp_params::interpder, interp_params::matrix_create, interp_params::secpar, and interp_params::wr_temp.

◆ IL_init_params_2d()

void IL_init_params_2d ( struct interp_params params,
FILE *  inp,
int  elatt,
int  smatt,
double  zm,
int  k1,
int  k2,
char *  msk,
int  rows,
int  cols,
DCELL ar1,
DCELL ar2,
DCELL ar3,
DCELL ar4,
DCELL ar5,
DCELL ar6,
double  tension,
int  k3,
int  sc1,
int  sc2,
int  sc3,
double  sm,
char *  f1,
char *  f2,
char *  f3,
char *  f4,
char *  f5,
char *  f6,
double  dm,
double  x_or,
double  y_or,
int  der,
double  tet,
double  scl,
FILE *  t1,
FILE *  t2,
FILE *  t3,
FILE *  t4,
FILE *  t5,
FILE *  t6,
bool  create_devi,
struct TimeStamp ts,
int  c,
const char *  wheresql 

Initializes parameters used by the library

inpinput stream
elattwhich fp att in sites file? 1 = first
smattwhich fp att in sites file to use for smoothing? (if zero use sm) 1 = first
zmmultiplier for z-values
k1min number of points per segment for interpolation
k2max number of points per segment
mskname of mask
colsnumber of rows and columns
ar6arrays for interpolated values (ar1-ar6)
k3max number of points for interpolation
sc3multipliers for interpolation values
f6output files (f1-f6)
dmmin distance between points
x_orx of origin
y_ory of origin
der1 if compute partial derivatives
tetanisotropy angle (0 is East, counter-clockwise)
sclanisotropy scaling factor
t6temp files for writing interp. values (t1-t6)
create_devicreate deviations file?
ccross validation
wheresqlSQL WHERE statement

Definition at line 31 of file init2d.c.