GRASS GIS 8 Programmer's Manual  8.5.0dev(2024)-8f83c24630
R__ Struct Reference

#include <R.h>

Collaboration diagram for R__:

Data Fields

int mask_fd
int auto_mask
int want_histogram
int nbytes
int compression_type
int compress_nulls
int window_set
int split_window
struct Cell_head rd_window
struct Cell_head wr_window
int fileinfo_count
struct fileinfofileinfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file R.h.

Field Documentation

◆ auto_mask

int R__::auto_mask

◆ compress_nulls

int R__::compress_nulls

Definition at line 94 of file R.h.

◆ compression_type

int R__::compression_type

Definition at line 93 of file R.h.

◆ fileinfo

◆ fileinfo_count

int R__::fileinfo_count

Definition at line 100 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast__unopen_all(), Rast_close(), and Rast_unopen().

◆ fp_type

RASTER_MAP_TYPE R__::fp_type

Definition at line 88 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast_set_fp_type().

◆ mask_fd

int R__::mask_fd

◆ nbytes

int R__::nbytes

Definition at line 92 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast_set_cell_format().

◆ rd_window

◆ split_window

int R__::split_window

Definition at line 96 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast__init_window(), Rast_window_cols(), and Rast_window_rows().

◆ want_histogram

int R__::want_histogram

Definition at line 91 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast_want_histogram().

◆ window_set

int R__::window_set

Definition at line 95 of file R.h.

Referenced by Rast__init_window(), and Rast_unset_window().

◆ wr_window

struct Cell_head R__::wr_window

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